About us

We are a husband and wife team based in Brisbane. We wanted to create a range of natural sports supplements which we could be proud of and would help people achieve better health and performance.

Being health conscious individuals and regular exercisers, we became fed up with all the over priced, over hyped protein powders widely available. We found they often contained numerous artificial sweeteners, flavourings and were filled with unnecessary ingredients and fillers.

We therefore decided to create our own range of sports nutrition supplements using pure, natural and RAW ingredients. Our aim is to provide all natural supplements at an affordable price.

All of our products are manufactured here in Australia, using only the finest ingredients. You won’t find ANY artificial flavourings, colourings or fillers in our entire range. 

Please feel free to provide us with any feedback by emailing info@rawsportsnutritionaustralia.com.au.


Do you really know what's in your protein powder? Have you had a good read of the nutritional panel and ingredients list? So many protein powders on the market currently claim to be 'naturally flavoured' or that their products 'are the best protein powder' when in reality these are common marketing claims used to lure customers in. Whilst researching protein powders prior to creating Raw Sports Nutrition, I found so many of these tricks being used and realised there weren't a lot of companies that delivered what they claimed.

I would encourage anyone looking to buy supplements in Australia to look at the ingredients list and nutritional panel before committing. If there is an endless list of ingredients which you can't pronounce, then you're probably about to purchase a product packed with artificial ingredients. Products advertise being 'naturally flavoured' however often contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. Another trick is to use an alternate name for sugar such as fructose or dextrose to name just a few. Checkout this website for the 59 other alternate names for sugar!! Some even contain sugar AND artificial sweeteners!!

All of our protein powders and pre-workout are naturally flavoured AND naturally sweetened which is why our supplements have the lowest sugar content. When reading the nutritional panel, as a rough guide, 4 grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Ingredients are listed in the order of their proportion in the product, therefore the first 2-3 ingredients are what you are predominantly purchasing. A lot of companies tend to use whey protein concentrate (WPC), a cheaper form of whey protein in their supplements instead of whey protein isolate (WPI) which provides a higher proportion of protein per serve. They however charge top dollar for the inferior product. 

Another common theme I observed was many protein powders contained what I term 'dead ingredients'. These are ingredients which provide no nutritional benefit such as emulsifiers or thickeners, soy lecithin, and additives, xanthan gum. All of our products are FREE from thickeners and additives to provide the maximum nutritional benefit with every single serve.

Our PROMISE is to create the finest natural sports supplements which will help you achieve your fitness goals and live a better healthier life.